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Carpet Cleaning

Posted on 08 January 2018 by admin (0)

Having a beautiful carpet in the living room comes with a cost. You probably already know that the carpet is the victim of countless food spills and muddy shoes marks. Cleaning them is difficult and sometimes you don’t have the classical supermarket products to help you so we have made a list of common substances that help you fight the spots on your favorite carpet. These home remedies only go so far. The following suggestions are great for a quick fix, but for a really thorough cleaning, call a professional carpet cleaning company such as our friends at Annapolis Clean Carpet.

  1. Carpet CleaningAmmonia is great against the grease spots.

If somebody dropped a chicken wing on your precious carpet don’t panic! There’s an easy way of getting rid of the grease. First of all, use some paper towels to absorb all the oil you can from the carpet and then make a mix of 2 liters of water and one cup of ammonia. Apply the mix over the spot and clean it with a soft cloth.

  1. The vinegar is your ally

This amazing substance helps you remove the spots and freshens the carpet. There are many mixes for different kinds of spills.

  • The fruit juice spots can be removed with a mix of white vinegar and detergent. Apply the solution on the spot and wipe the area with a soft cloth.
  • If the spots are dark mix vinegar with a teaspoon of borax and apply the solution on them. Let it dry then rinse with water and wipe with paper towels. The spots will disappear and the carpet will have a fresh look.
  • The classical mix of salt with vinegar can be used for cleaning the fridge, the stove and the carpet as well, being one of the best allies against the muddy shoes marks.
  • The paint spots can be cleaned with a mix made of white vinegar, liquid detergent and water. Attention! The paint should be cleaned immediately, and it will be harder to remove if it has already dried.


  1. Salt and white wine remove the red wine spots

If you spilled red wine on your favorite carpet do not try to clean it while it is still wet. You will only spread the spill and make it even more difficult to clean. Just let it dry and then put a little white wine on the spill, use a paper towel to dry the spot then put salt over the area and let it do its job, vacuum the spot carefully and you are done. The red wine spot is gone and your carpet looks as good as new.


Cleaning the carpet is a difficult job but it is worth it. There’s nothing better than relaxing your feet on a fluffy warm carpet after a long winter day. To remove the dust that gets caught into the carpet’s fibers make sure you vacuum at least a few times a week. Keeping the carpet clean and beautiful is mandatory and to make sure that it stays beautiful you should have it professionally cleaned at least a few times a year. There are many companies on the market that offer great cleaning services.